Build your career with the No.1 Bed, Bath & Co-ordinates Retailer

At Bombay Dyeing we believe that passionate and happy people are the key to our success. Hence, we are committed to creating a professional culture to nurture and grow talent and enable our people to grow in their careers alongside the company’s success.

Bombay Dyeing is an equal opportunity employer where people from diverse backgrounds come together as one team to deliver results. Our professional culture of performance and meritocracy allows each one to work towards constant learning and growth and give their best. We like to learn from each other, support each other for excellence and have lots of fun too.

We're always looking for bright and passionate people with the highest ethical and professional standards to join us in this journey of excellence. We value and support your passion to chart your own career path while helping to meet the Corporate Goals.

Hence, if you are interested in becoming part of a Winning team, driving your own career and working with a leading brand to deliver business growth, then you’ve come to the right place.

Launch your career with the No.1 Bed, Bath & Co-ordinates Retailer. Check for current open positions and apply with the click of a button. Alternatively reach out to us with your professional details and areas of interest and we will get in touch with you if we have a relevant position.

We are driven by following deeply rooted core Values of our Group

  • Integrity: We maintain the highest ethical standards in all our dealings with customers, business partners, shareholders, people and the community at large.
  • Excellence: We are passionate about people, product quality and service excellence.
  • Respect: Our success depends on mutual respect, inside and outside the company. We also respect each other’s individuality. That’s what adds value to the team.
  • Collaboration: At Bombay Dyeing, Collaboration meaning working together to support and inspire each other to win.
  • Trust: We are a company that is trusted in the market place

Bombay Dyeing has created a culture that emphasizes growth, creativity & innovation, complete ownership, customer centricity & transparency. Our culture is defined by the Wadia Group core values that act as a compass to guide our thoughts, actions and decisions everyday.

Growth: We believe in creating culture of Growth. While we define career path for our employees and support and motivate them to grow in their function, we also encourage them to take on cross functional roles and responsibilities within the organization. This helps them expand their horizons and learn in a holistic way while the organization benefits from fresh perspectives and long term association with satisfied people.

Creativity & Innovation: We encourage our people to think differently.  We inculcate in our people the ability to think differently. Thereby we create the foundation for breakthrough innovations.  We aim to create creativity & innovation as way of life in Retail division of Bombay Dyeing. We innovate in products, process improvements that could lead to overall performance of the organisation.

Complete Ownership: Our culture fosters excellence and gives people space to take initiative and to experiment. This encourages them to take complete ownership. In Bombay Dyeing complete ownership meaning to be accountable for performance of the department and division. Our people are encouraged to take complete ownership right from taking initiatives to execution to result. We empower them to be successful in their respective roles. They care about the success of the Company.

Customer centricity: While we believe in putting employees first we also stay focused on customer centricity. We believe that the customers are the reason for our existence. We have built loyal customer base. Hence, it is our responsibility to offer the best products and service to them. We never settle for second best.

Transparency: We have an open communication culture within the organization. We encourage everyone to ask questions, to speak their mind, to offer input and insight and contribute towards improving organizational performance. We have an open environment where our people can approach and interact with each other without barriers of organizational hierarchies.

We aim to deliver unique opportunities to our people in terms of learning, career development, recognition and family well-being.

  • Leadership opportunities and empowerment: Whenever new positions and opportunities come up, we first offer them to people within the company based on their performance track record and potential. We also empower our people to take decisions. We take special pride in our home grown leaders who have exhibited leadership par excellence.
  • Opportunity for Professional Development: Every day is an adventure and an opportunity for personal and professional growth. We provide extensive opportunities to our people for building competencies – both functional and behavioural – by empowering them to explore and learn in their respective roles. A diverse work culture and multiple training programs for people across functions and hierarchy also contribute significantly towards people development.
  • Respect: Our success depends on mutual respect, inside and outside the company. We also respect each other’s individuality. That’s what adds value to the team.
  • Attractive compensation and benefits: Our compensation is at par with industry standards. We also provide a whole range of benefits such as Health care benefits, wellness programs, retirement benefits, leave benefits to provide work-life balance, canteen facility, Holiday home benefits, In-House medical facility etc.